Abi Foster is a 20 year old acoustic artist making regular appearances in venues across Mid Wales, Cheshire, Shropshire and the Midlands. With performances during 2017 including Shrewsbury Folk Festival, Hafren Theatre and Filey Festival Abi has been diligently building up a following on social media and in local music communities.

Focusing on music full time since 2015, Abi has hundreds of hours of live experience and has gigged in varied locations.  She is skilled in adapting her repertoire and performance to suit her audience, from quiet country pubs and restaurants to festivals and lively city venues.
By playing an eclectic mix of songs from the sixties to the present day and regularly updating her setlist, Abi keeps her music and performances fresh.

2017 saw Abi realease her second album of original songs, the six-track ‘Everything Ends’, which showcases her vocal talent and ability to tackle everything from upbeat contemporary songs to soulful ballads.

Equally at home performing her self penned material – tracks ‘Fiction’ and ‘That Could Never Be’ recently have been debuted on BBC Radio Shropshire Introducing – or covers of popular tracks from Lana Del Ray to Snow Patrol and The Eagles, Abi offers a refreshing voice and style.


Reviews of ‘Everything Ends’

“A real mixed bag of musical gems from atmospheric ballads ….to Latin-like ‘Fiction’. The antithesis of styles makes for an anything but boring listen” – Independent Music UK

“It opens with ‘That Could Never Be’, the most complex song of the six, showing her increasing maturity as it moves from vocal and emotional highs and lows with wonderful orchestration” – County Times

Available on iTunes & Spotify Now!

2 comments on “Home
  1. Rachel Worthington says:

    Hello Abi,
    I bought a copy of ‘Everything Ends’ from you in the street, Newport, South Wales,
    and was astonished. You’ve got a voice similar to Susan Boyle or Avril Lavigne,
    although different. Have you heard:
    (Art of Noise) ‘Rapt: in the evening air’ and ‘Metaforce’ from the album
    ‘The Seduction of Claude Debussy’? John Hurt who did voiceover had a
    truly unique voice.
    Best wishes,

    Rachel Worthington


    • Hi Rachel
      Thanks for getting in touch 🙂
      so glad you enjoyed the CD, I’ve never been likened to Susan Boyle before but often Avril Lavigne – I grew up listening to her and have taken a lot of inspiration from her music 🙂
      I havent heard of those; but will Look Them up on YouTube this afternoon! Cheers for the reccomendations
      – Abi
      edit: I’ve just listened to those tracks: Really cool!


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